Rapid Emulsion Technology, by OILSTM is a versatile, cost-effective ingredient delivering a rapid onset effect, desirable consumption experience, and speed-to-market advantages to product formulators.

This patent pending technology extends Nextleaf’s range of services and depth of expertise along the value-added product spectrum. Complimenting a demonstrated excellence in efficiently processing high purity distillate, Rapid Emulsion Technology by OILSTM is available to commercial partners as an additional service alongside toll processing biomass, bulk ingredient sales, and R&D.


Rapid Emulsion Technology by OILSTM overcomes the three main barriers to growth faced by any company entering the infused product landscape. This includes overcoming negative perception of taste, unpredictable and unreliable outcomes, and stability issues during formulation.

Using our high purity distillate, alongside microscopic amounts of natural carrier oils and food-grade emulsifiers the unique droplet structure allows the final product to be tasteless, odorless, and achieve optical transparency through uniform and complete dispersion of the particle into water.

The unique structure our team of experienced chemists and formulators have achieved provides exceptional stability when developing a wide range of infused products such as edibles and beverages.

“The beauty in our innovation is that it’s a relatively simplistic process. What this means is less complexity when it comes to working with this ingredient in a final formulation, and less variability to work through in the interaction of ingredients. To accomplish this, we took expertise from other industries such as food and pharmaceutical, learning from and adapting other processes, to deliver something specific to what our customers and consumers want.” – Ryan Ko, Chief Technology Officer


The unique composition of this ingredient provides an efficient way for the body to utilize cannabinoids in the digestive tract.

Specific enzymes secreted in the digestive tract release encapsulated cannabinoids which facilitates fast and efficient transport to the innate receptor sites in the endocannabinoid system, effects can be anticipated within 10-20 minutes.


 Rapid Emulsion Technology by OILSTM was developed based on the findings from up-to-date scientific research on drug delivery in pharmaceuticals, encapsulation of oily nutrients (cannabinoids), and emulsification of oil droplets in water.

Nextleaf’s submitted patent pertains to the process of encapsulating cannabinoids in microscopic droplets of natural carrier oils, made up of long-chain and medium-chain triglycerides, alongside food-grade emulsifiers, which are then dispersed in water.


There is a common misconception among both consumers and investors that the cannabinoid ingredients within infused products are water soluble. However, cannabinoid oil, as with any other oil, is not soluble in water.

Based on Nextleaf’s patent-pending process, nano and micro-emulsions can be produced. Both are uniformly dispersed and completely homogenous in liquid or powder formats.

Micro-emulsions are a transparent liquid of pale amber colour. Best suite for clear beverages or edibles. 

Nano-emulsions produce a uniform, completely homogenous, translucent-to-opaque liquid of pale blue-to-white colour. Best suited for beverages or edibles that are cloud or coloured, such as juices, milks or cola. 


Gaining widespread adoption for any new product requires reliable technology, flexibility and adaptability to overcome barriers that may arise, and most importantly the ability to scale-up as demand and awareness grows. In addition to fulfilling these parameters, Rapid Emulsion Technology by OILSTM  delivers on an existing consumer need for value-added products above and beyond combustible cannabis, that are portable, convenient, and offer discreet methods of consumption with reliable and predictable onset.


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