Bridging the gap
from soil to oil

Our processing solutions deliver an immediate return on investment, rather than sacrificing time, money and quality.

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Nextleaf holds multiple U.S. issued and pending patents for the process of producing cannabinoid distillate, the precursor of every cannabis infused product.

Highly concentrated THC or CBD distillate is odourless, tasteless, and standardized for potency. Nextleaf’s patented process will disrupt the  production of infused edibles and beverages.

Nextleaf - Assets_CPF + MEL

Nextleaf delivers its proprietary technology at both its Centralized Processing Facility and Mobile Extraction Lab onsite at licensed production facilities.

Through a combination of extraction, refinement and purification steps we create a distillate suitable for a variety of product concepts and methods of consumption.

Our unique approach enables producers and cultivators to bring premium, differentiated products, including consumables and topicals to market safely and efficiently:

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