Dr. David Novitski, PhD

Quality Control Specialist

As Quality Control Specialist, Dr. Novitski is responsible for the analytical testing and certification of both incoming and outgoing products to ensure they are free of defects and produced according to the industry’s highly regulated standards for quality.

Dr. Novitski attended The University of Texas at Dallas where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry, where he worked as a Research Assistant at the NanoTech Institute with a focus on novel nanomaterials. Afterward, Dr. Novitski attended Simon Fraser University where he defended his doctoral thesis in analytical electrochemistry and achieved his goal of working in the fuel cell industry through a CaRPE-FC internship which developed into a Mitacs Accelerate postdoctoral fellowship at Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation.

In Dr. Novitski’s previous role as a Mitacs Elevate fellow and later Quality Control Chemist at Ionomr Innovations Inc., he was responsible for analytically testing ion exchange membrane material for consistency and quality.

Dr. Novitski is excited for the opportunity to contribute to a new field and is motivated to build new and improve existing processes so that the next generation of cannabis derivative products offer a reliable and repeatable experience for consumers.