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We prefer molecular distillation with ethanol. However, our process can be applied to CO2 and other extraction equipment.

Distillate can be used in a wide range of products including edibles, beverages, topicals, and vape pens, all known as infused products.

Output is subjective based on the potency desired, and the quality of the input material (on average 10-15% distillate yielded from original input volume). 

Mobile Extraction Lab: 35-45kg’s of dried input biomass / 12hrs 

Centralized Processing Facility: 350kg’s / 12hrs

Up to 98% cannabinoid concentration can be achieved.

Yes! Absolutely, and we see this as a growing market segment and an extension of our business. The end product is a CBD distillate that can be used in similar applications to cannabis (THC) extraction.

Customized pricing is based on: potency/purity desired, volume of input biomass, cost of labour (and the amount of time to process the input volume).  

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Nextleaf Solutions will be listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange in Jan 2019

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